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The Bellevue College MUN Program is located in Student Programs, room C212. Please stop by if you have any questions about the class or if you’re looking for a place to rest, do homework, etc…

The Model United Nations at Bellevue College is an officially chartered Student Program, that receives annual funding from the college. It has existed at BC for over 20 years. Most participants in Model United Nations are enrolled in the United Nations course series. Unlike other student programs, BCMUN is also a class.

The primary goal of the BC Model United Nations (BCMUN) class is to spread awareness of Model United Nations here at Bellevue College. By providing students opportunities to attend conferences, students develop research, writing, collaboration and diplomatic skills while gaining invaluable public speaking experience, all applicable to a wide range of professions.

Model United Nations teams are found at colleges and universities worldwide, many which host conferences. Delegates from schools act as representatives of Member States (countries) of the United Nations, and are placed on different committees to discuss and resolve real-world issues.

BCMUN is an official member of the Model United Nations of Cascadia (MUNC), and attends the Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) and National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conferences annually, among others (both locally and internationally).